05 Vegan Youtube Channels For When You Need Inspiration

Ellen Fisher: Here!

Ellen Fisher aka Mango Island Mamma, is my favorite by far. Ellen has a wholesome channel where she creates videos about gentle parenting, veganism, and mom life. I’m not a mom yet, so her parenting videos are mostly inspiration for me haha. Ellen creates “What I Eat in a Day” and recipe videos, which I personally like when I’m running low on motivation in the kitchen. Ellen even has two e-books, I own and recommend, which are PACKED with recipes. You can find those here. Ellen also creates videos about favorite baby/beauty/home/health products, as well as books. I discovered “The Four Agreements” By Don Miguel Ruiz through Ellen. She truly kicked my hunger for knowledge and veganism to the next level! Here’s my favorite video:

Hannah McNeely: here!

Funnily, Hannah is Ellen’s sister. Of course, I discovered Hannah by Ellen mentioning her, but boy am I sorry I hadn’t discovered her sooner! Hannah has book club!! Hannah is one of two cohosts on the podcast Earth To Us. Hannah creates “What I Eat In A Day” and “A Day in the Life of..” videos, my personal favorites. Hannah has a great sense of humor, and I just really think you’d like her! Her content speaks for itself, honestly. Here’s my favorite video:

Julien Solomita & Jenna Marbles: Hell yeaaaauh

Hahahaha, let’s be honest, here. I can’t mention “Favorite Vegan Youtubers” without giving J&J’s Kitchen cred. Here’s my favorite video:

Sarah Lemkus: Here!

Sarah is a youtuber I discovered around the same time I discovered Ellen Fisher. Sarah has a lifestyle, nutrition, and motherhood youtube channel. Sarah also has a website, you can find here. I’ve truly enjoyed seeing her family grow, and it’s given me so much inspiration when I needed it most. Here’s my favorite video:

Cheap Lazy Vegan: here!

Let’s not pretend like her channel name isn’t the best. Genius, in fact. I will always be down for cheap lazy vegan food! Always. I especially love her meal prep videos. They offer inspiration on weeks that I’m feeling extremely rushed or  busy. Here’s my favorite video:

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